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Plan for Your Diving Komodo

Diving KomodoHave you had a plan for your vacation? If you have not, Komodo Island can be a good choice for you. Not only see wild komodos, Diving Komodo also is allowed to be done there. It becomes one of the greatest activity all tourists which you do. The beauty of the sea itself is the main reason for many people who want to visit this place. Having the plan to dive in Komodo Island archipelagos indeed is a good plan. That is why there must be several things you have to understand here. To get more explanation, you just find the explanation in the following paragraphs.

All Things Relating to Diving Komodo

Here, you will get all the things relating to Diving Komodo. For the first one is you have to understand that visiting this tourist destination cannot be done in all season. It is better to avoid rainy season since the sea will not be friendly enough for diving. Also, in the full moon or new moon should be thought. In both full moon and new moon, the sea will not be friendly as well. Moreover, in order to get the best season, the end of rainy season and whale season at the end of the year can be a nice thing you have to do.

Moreover, before you plan your vacation to Komodo Island and dive the best dive spot there, it is important for you to prepare all the things. The tickets, clothes, and supporting devices for diving have to be prepared well. The accommodation like the ship can be in your list of must-to-be-thought things. With the complete preparation including the ship and also vacation packages, those will help you to get the best thing from Diving Komodo. In short, knowing all things about diving in Komodo Island archipelago are very nice before you decide to go to this tourist places.