Standard Components of Business Letter

By | August 24, 2016

juiceletter.comTo improve the synergy of your business, you need to start writing a business letter. A business letter has become the custom of each company in showing off their achievement, their level of pride and to show cooperative nature which the company always keep. For some people, it is hard to create formal letter because of the limitation on the sources to understand about it. Meanwhile, the benefit of writing letter is important to keep the partnership which they have established and to build the future partnership. However, you must understand some standard components of the letter, which encompasses letterhead, dateline, name and address, and etc.

The Structure Of Business Letter Is Not Complex But Formal

Letterhead usually consists of official information related to the company. They are explaining the name of the company, the address, website and any contact person to make sure that the recipient of the letter could know the identity of the company. The dateline of the business letter would explain the time when the letter is printed or is signed. It is followed by salutation which demands you to use formal way. For example, the usage of dear sir, dear madam or gentleman. Those salutations are more appropriate than calling an individual name. However, in some cases calling individual name in salutation is needed to show the close relationship of the company.

To improve the skill of writing, we must understand the effectivity of the letter. We have understood that a letter uses letterhead in order to show some respect and as a form of formality. But, to improve the effectivity, you must learn to make the letter more persuasive. The persuasiveness of the letter could prove how serious your company is to create a partnership with the other. Then, the skill of writing business letter lies in your effort to find the best template. Just browse on the internet, there are some websites which provide the templates that you can download such as Then you can start to improve your company name.

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