Specifically Improving Health Related Fitness Components for Your Body

By | June 20, 2016

health related fitnessIf you are familiar with workout, you must be familiar about health related fitness components too. It is the components to make your body not only looks good but also always fit to make you do a lot of things in the proper way. There are some components you need to know about it. Some people usually grow them in the gym. So, do you want to know what they are? Here are those components that can make your body muscular and healthy in the same time.

Health Related Fitness Components You Need to Improve

There are some components you need to know about this. The first is cardiovascular fitness. It is the stamina you have. You can develop this component by doing the HIIT training. You also need to understand about the intensity because this component needs the high intensity to make you grow. The next and one of the most important health related fitness components is muscle strength. If you have strength, you can lift anything heavy. You can develop this component by lifting weight slowly. You need to feel the stress of your muscle to make sure you grow the muscle properly. Then, it is the muscle endurance. You can do heavy things longer if you have better endurance, so this can be important for you. Explosive training is needed here to make yourself grow for better endurance.

Those are the components that can affect your total fitness. There are some other components like flexibility and body composition, there will be described in another article. Those are things you need to grow in your body to make sure you become stronger and healthier. Health related fitness components can be developed by doing some proper exercises related to the component you want to grow. Just something you need to know about that, you have to grow them in the same time to avoid the imbalance body composition in your body.

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