School of Dragons Game Tips

By | September 27, 2016

ModsHackCheatsSchool of Dragons is a game based on the animation film from DreamWorks titled How to Train Your Dragon. That is available on android. The first publish is in Facebook and Web Browser, and then in iOS. The game is about training a dragon you will be easy to play with the game tips. At the first play, you have to make your character and you have to choose one of the cute dragons there. All the game process you will come to School of dragon training and study but your friend is a cool dragon.

Train the Dragon by Yourself

After a day by day passing, your dragon will grow become an adult dragon. The dragon can fly and fight as a strong dragon. Like the ordinary school, you will study with other dragon trainers and you can follow some school activities such as gardening and fishing. You can follow those activities after your dragon is mature. Get it with the game tips and tricks that will be described here. You can race with other dragon trainers and play hunting competition.

Actually, School of Dragon is designed to children. You can see the epic dragon fight. It is very spectacular. However, it offers some unique activities which don’t exist in other games. You will study in a classroom where you can play mini-games. That is the role that must be obeyed. If you are in science class, you have to do an observation which has heat resistant. You will know the fire color if it is burned by the dragon. You will learn something from the mini games but it is not real. You will get many adventures in the world with the dragon and the trainer. There are several dragons that can be trained. They have unique abilities each other. Also, there are many quests that can be used with your dragons. However, before you play this game, you have to register yourself to have an ID. Are you interested downloading it and using the game hack? You can download in the application store freely.

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