A Problem of Healthcare and A Rise of Self-Care

By | August 28, 2016

Health careThere is some problem that is caused by the current healthcare system. In modern countries such as the United States, healthcare system gives a free access to the citizen who get some illness to go to the certain hospital and get free medication and health care services. This lead into a huge amount of spending in terms of government. This is because the source of healthcare services is the tax from every citizen in the country. If the government keep spending money in the healthcare system, there would be a cutting in the budget allocation of another field that would lead into an economical problem.

Self-Care Is an Important Asset of Citizens

The spending of government money in healthcare happens because of the condition and habits within society. A lifestyle that is usually done by society nowadays has lead into their own illness behavior. They could go smoking in the night while they are still getting enough health care system and also they keep doing the same thing. The number of people who do this is not only several few people. Most of the society who do not understand the importance of health in the old age is always repeating their behavior. Therefore, the cycle of money to be spent would be repeated equal with the number of people who keep doing their lifestyle.

There is no one could remember the importance of self-care as to prevent any illness in the future. As we know, several illnesses are irreversible. This means that if your heart is damaged because you never go jogging or walking, then you cannot get your heart back to the previous condition. If your lungs are broken because you keep smoking every day, your lung will not be recovered as soon as possible. This means that self-care is a good form of responsibility to reduce the spending of Government in terms of giving healthcare services

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