One Step Closer With JCP Associate Kiosk

By | November 26, 2016

jcp associate kioskIf you are one of many JCP Company workers, either you are an employee or a manager, and you are in need to checking your work schedule, whether you are on your free day or not, monitoring your salary or just re-reading your company regulations, you need to log in to your JCP associate kiosk account. Is it a portal website to your job-related matters?

JCP Associate Kiosk Menu

When you are opening the official website, the first page is containing the web’s main menu. First is Home, you need to log in if you want to access this. If you forgot your password, you can always renew it, there is an option for it, or if you didn’t have one, you can make a new account. The second is Arbitration of Employment Disputes, if you click this menu, your browser will automatically be downloading a PDF file with the title: Arbitration of Employment Termination Disputes. And the content is exactly like the title says. The third on JCP associate kiosk menu is, Electronic W-2 and Reissues, it is containing forms to receive electronics W-2 forms, and you need to sign up for that. The Fourth Former Associate Kiosk, this menu providing you with the latest 18 months’ former associate. And once more, you need to log in with your account, almost all the menus are only available if you are login with your account. The Last one is Associate Recognition, you need to log in to see its content. They only displayed the login page.

That’s it! The five main menus available in JCP Associate Kiosk. For more details, you can check it yourself! Go ahead, and don’t forget, it is only available for JCP workers and associate, if you are not, then, don’t even try! You won’t be able to make your account anyway.

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