The New BMW X3 under Review

By | October 9, 2016

AlldiscoverThere is a brand new car offered by Audi in their SUV lineup. The product is called BMW x3 with xdrive28i to define its series. This car is somewhat weird in terms appearance because it is not wagon nor SUV. Obviously, it cannot complement both because the size is just like big SUV. However, it is not the main point of reviewing this car because it is only a matter of physical impression. Considering other main features of the car which are the interior, BMW offers luxurious and fully functional ‘furnishing’ inside the cabin. The package coming even in basic trimming is styled in premium taste. Nevada leather for seating is one slight indicator on how serious BMW concerns on the interior.

More Internalized Features

In addition to just offering conformity, BMW x3 is also equipped with decent safety features that help the drivers and the passenger safe on the road. It is not to mention other features such as airbag for both passenger and driver. This SUV is even more interesting with upgrade trim that allows the owner to enjoy the moon scenery without getting out from the car. It is a special feature that is only available for higher trim, and you obviously will love to have such feature.

In addition to those features, it is necessary to take a look at its engine. With new technology from BMW, it is claimed to be super-efficient SUV especially known that its transmission is automatic. That way, the driver will not exhaust the fuel because of sudden acceleration and braking. Alldiscover considers this SUV as quite positive, and it is absolutely worthy to take it home. Those who are still wondering the car, it is necessary to just take this car by leasing or purchasing it. That way, you can feel how great it is to drive with this car.

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