What do you Know Grand Theft Auto 5?

By | October 14, 2016

gta 5 hackRecently, Rockstar makes many gamers who play Grand Theft Auto 5 think to play the games published with Xbox One, PC, and Play station 4. Why? It is because Rockstar offers a new feature on gta 5, also, there is first mode person which is very interesting for many gamers. A few days ago, Rockstar invited some media to try Grand Theft Auto with PlayStation 4 in the office. From that event, we can get new detail information which has officially come from Rockstar. There are 10 new details from GTA 5 PlayStation 4 version, X-box one, and PC that perhaps you never known before.

10 details features of Grand Theft Auto 5

You can utilize Dual Shock 4 feature. Rockstar utilizes some features from current gen indeed. One of them is a light bar which belongs to Dual Shock 4. The light bar will be bright with red and blue when you are chased by polices. Second, there is revolution confirmation. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox one have 1080 p and 30 fbs. For PC, the resolution can reach up to 4K. Then, there is the easiness to move the view. You can move the view from the third person into the third view easily. You can take a selfie photo. With the first person mode, you can do a realistic selfie. Then, the vehicle interior is more detailed. Because it is implementing first person mode, Rockstar has an extra duty to make much more detail in gta 5. One of them is a car and another vehicle interior. Also, you can see all buttons and display in the car.

There are new animals and they are not invulnerable to weapons. There are about 20 new species. Then you can see yourself being hurt. You can see the blood because the game is more realistic using the first mode. Then, there are 100 new songs. There is more than 1000 new animation. The last, there will be a new mission in the first mode of gta 5 hack.

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