Do You Know Exactly How Many Calories in an Apple You Consume?

By | September 9, 2016

how many calories in an applePeople usually making their calories intake really tight as they are doing the diet to make their body healthier and especially to decrease their weight to make them look more attractive and interesting. Some people just try to count every single calorie they take to make sure they are calorie deficit and make them lose the weight. One of the ways to reduce the bodyweight they usually do is by diet with apple. Yep, apple is something that is really beneficial for the diet as this kind of fruit makes people feel full and surely not taking a lot of calorie because of it. So, do you want to know why this kind of fruit is less calorie than another kind of foods and how many calories in an apple exactly that you usually take in a day? Here you will find all of them.

How Many Calories in an Apple Exactly?

There are a lot of myths that people should consume apples when they are doing diets to make them feel healthy while they are losing the bodyweight. It is not wrong as this kind of fruit has everything that you need for it. The reason why this can reduce your bodyweight but you still feel full because of that is because this kind of fruit contains mostly fiber in it. Fiber is actually good because it is not digested by the body and give you no energy, just the feeling of full. The answer about how many calories in an apple, it really depends on the types of the apple itself, like Fuji apple, red apple, or just regular apple. For the Fuji apple, you can get 71 calories per serving, the red one gives about 73 and the regular apple increase 80 calories in your body per serving.

So, the answer of how many calories in an apple that you take each serving really depends on the types of the apple itself, but regularly it is not more than 100 calories which mean it is not too big for your body and also good to make you feel full. From now, you don’t have to be worried because it will not increase your body weight by consuming the apple because it contains really small of calories.

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