Important Tips for Health

By | December 13, 2016

Health tipsIn these modern days; you know that a lot of things are changes; including your health. Because there are so many technologies improved; you should know whether they are safe for your health or not. Thus, in here you will several tips of health for you in this modern era. If you are live in a different era; you can just ignore this article then. So, what are the important tips for health? Let see the next paragraphs.

The first tip is if you are in consuming medicine recently; you should remember to not take your medicine with cold water. Warm water can be the best choice for you. Then, if you often have dinner late in the evening, you should not eat heavy meals. You can eat heavy meals before 5 pm. Then, if you like to drink water you should remember this; drink more in the morning, drink less at night. You know too that let your eyes open whole night is not good because the best sleep time is 10 pm to 4 am. The next tip is you should not lie down right away after taking a meal. Other than that, you should answer your phone from your left ear than your right ear.

Then, the last tip with the most important information for you is here. You know, if your cell phone’s battery is too low or low to the last bar; you should not answer the call. It is because the radiation is 1000 times stronger than the normal. So, you should be more careful with your cell phone from now on. There are two tips about the use of cell phone; you can remember those tips easily if you see your phone. That is all about the important tips you should know. Hope the tips are useful.

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