Fatal Car Wrecks between Mercedes and Corsa Kills Two Teens

By | June 9, 2016

Fatal Car Wrecks between Mercedes and Corsa Kills Two TeensWe can say that all German machines have such great reputation when it comes to engine and speed performance. Nevertheless, such great performance seems to be wrong when it cause someone to death on the road because of car wrecks. A recent car crash between Mercedes C-Class and Corsa has caused two teens death. The causes of the accidents are still on the investigation and the one who was in charge for the fatal crash is still unknown.

How the Car Wrecks Happened

The accident was reported on March, 25th 2016 that around 18:50 on that Thursday, some teenagers that were two of them are John Foggo (18) from North Kessock and Georgia Gilliam (16) from Inverness were involved in the crash between Mercedes C-Class and Corsa. The car that they become passengers on it was Corsa and the driver was a 19-year-old. This Corsa then crashed with a Mercedes C-Class. Two teenage passengers of the Corsa in the car wrecks were reported died on the scene. Those two teens were Georgia and John. The Corsa driver and one female passenger were seriously injured. On the other hand, the driver and the passenger of Mercedes were mildly injured.

The casualties of this accident were taken to Raigmore Hospital for treatment. Fortunately, both of the driver and passengers of the Mercedes were discharged later because they had not seriously injured. The road in where the accident happened remains closed for about seven hours. The closure was aimed to give room for forensic investigation and scene cleaning from any accident victim and wreck. Then, the investigation still continued to find out who is responsible for the accident. The police officers have called as many as the possible witness for this case. The information gathered from the witness will be used to explain the  car wrecks in detail.

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