Exercising While Working

By | November 3, 2016

Health careMost people think that exercising can only be done in special areas such as home, gym, and park. However, it is practically possible to work out while working in the office. If you do not want to look weird when doing a particular movement, these exercises below will help you to be healthier even though working behind the desk. First of all, it is essential to change your posture. You can do that by adjusting the chair so that it will not make you bend forward when facing the computer. It is the preparation step that should be concerned.

Moving to the real exercise, it is actually necessary to stand up from your comfortable chair after 30 minutes of sitting. It is possible to force the sitting period up to 1 hour even though the lesser is the better. After standing up, you can walk for a while and go back to your seat like nothing happened. You also can fill your empty glass with plain water if you do not want to look weird. For more specific exercise, you actually can just meet your elbow and ear as you put your hand on the lower part of the shoulder blade. Alternatively, you also can try meeting the shoulder and ear for stretching the neck. It is invisible to your colleagues, but it is powerful to make your body happy.

Moving to lower part of the body, you can try doing arm lift with crossed feet. Use your core strength and arm to lift you up and down. It is rather difficult, but it is worth to try. Another simple exercise is by extending one leg at a time and holding it for 5 seconds. You can do all of those exercises under certain reps as long as you are consistent with the numbers.

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