Easily Clear Up Puffy Eyes with Health Tips

By | August 5, 2016

Health tipsBeautiful eyes are what the people longed for, moreover, the bright and clean eyes. But sometimes, there is one thing that can haunt people that is puffy eyes. Mata panda is not dangerous but really annoying for everybody who wants to look fresh. This will lower your confident when you need to meet someone else or friends. The fact is puffy eyes worsen your appearance! So how to heal eye bags or prevent it? Here are some health tips to be followed.

Natural Health Tips to Clear Up Puffy Eyes

Health tips number one that you can do easily is to compress your eyes with rock ice. This is a very effective way that is believed can reduce the puffy eyes naturally. Just compress your eyes with rock ice for 10 minutes. Put the rock ice in a small towel then stick it to your eyes. Or you can use tea bag to heal puffy eyes. Tea bag is believed to have natural ingredient that can sweep away puffy eyes and even blackheads in the face area. It also beneficial in resolving the eyes swelling. Tannin is one of the essences that can moisten and refresh the skin.

Using cucumber and potatoes as a compress can be the other health tips you can do at home. Inside the cucumber there is vitamin C, Caffeic acids, Ascorbate acids that really beneficial to heal irritation or skin swelling. While potatoes contain of phosphate acid and citrate, that can reduce the inflammation in skin. This ingredient is suitable in resolving puffy eyes. The last ingredient is Jicama. Jicama is almost used in every beauty product. Why? Because, Jicama contains so much nutrients such as vitamin C, B1, and others. Jicama can whiten your skin, keep you healthy, and recently it can move out your eye bag. Just use it as a mask in your face area to heal your puffy eyes.

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