How to Download and Watch Video YouTube in Simple Way

By | June 21, 2016

download and watch video youtubePeople love to watch videos and you must be one of them who love to watch it from YouTube. It is easy to watch some videos on YouTube, but how if you want to download them? You need download manager to do that and it will be easier for you to do this without it. There are some tips to download and watch video YouTube without installing download manager. What you need to do is to go to the site that can make you feel like YouTube but you can also download the videos without confusing ways. So, here are the tips.

Simple Way to Download and Watch Video YouTube

One thing you need to know here is that you need to find the right site that can give you the comfort to download the videos. There is a site in internet than can make you easier to download and watch video YouTube anytime you want, you name it. After you find it, you can find the videos you want, just type the title of the videos and your videos will come and play. Then, to download the videos, slide the page down and in the bottom of the site, you will find some download signs that has the size of the videos you want to download. After you see it, just click whatever you like and you are downloading the videos.

Those are the simplest way to watch and download videos in the same time from YouTube. You don’t need to worry about the videos because this site is linked to YouTube, so you can find every video that you can find in YouTube. See, pretty simple to download and watch video YouTube, right? Just go to the site, find the videos you like, and then watch and download them without any difficulty.

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