Doctor Note Template for Work and School

By | June 25, 2016

doctor note templateDoctor note template is used as a reference about how to make such a doctor note. It will help you to take permission when you need some bed rest because of certain illness or disease. For instance, if you are suffering dengue fevers, you aren’t able to go either for school or work. So you need a doctor note to state that you got an ill and you have to take a sick leave. Some institutions perhaps have coercive discipline that someone won’t be permitted to leave a class or work without any covering letter. This doctor note is able to be your covering letter.

What You Have in Doctor Note Template?

Beneath it, all doctor note is a simple paper with some mentioned information which are written by the doctor. What makes it justifiable is the doctor state. It must be put out by a doctor, clinic, hospital, or any formal health center. It is commonly signed by the doctor in the end of note. Apart from the doctor validation, the doctor note template should contain some essential points; they are information of the doctor, patient medical diagnoses, and duration of care. The doctor information, which is needed, is his/her name, phone number, and also address. It is also able to be added with the day and date when the patient sees the doctor.

Patient medical diagnoses are the main point of this doctor note. The patient medical diagnoses are used to explain what kind of disease is suffered by the patient involved. It could be used to determine how many days that the patient needs a rest. So the note should also consist of the duration of care. Do not forget to put down the purpose of the note in your doctor note template, if it is used to ask the permission, so mention the place and the person that whom to address.


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