Clash of Clans Guide for Newbie Player

By | September 27, 2016

Clash of Clans Hack - COC For GemsToday, the android device becomes the easiest way to play a game. There are also a lot of kinds of game which is able to be played in android device, as of the simplest one up to a complex game. One of recommended game for android users is Clash of Clans. This game is one of the most downloaded games in play store. Indeed, it is already downloaded up to hundred million times. It is an astonishing number. Some of you perhaps haven’t tried this game yet. Here is a little Clash of Clans playing guide for a newbie.

COC Guide for Newbie

Before playing this game you have to know certain things which are related to this game. In this game, you will be handed over the task to lead a village. The village will be built by elixir and gold which is able to be gained from the mine. You will be provided two builders which have building affairs as a duty. When choosing the building to be built you have to be more selective, which building is more required. It will be related to your gold and elixir collection. After your base or village settled, you are able to attack the other village. But you have to prepare a good defense for your village in anticipation.

Do not forget about the quest or mission which is able to give you more rewards. Within this game, the players will be given several mission and quest which have to be accomplished. The rewards which will be given after accomplishing the quest is many, gem is one of the rewards. It is the best way to improve your gems collection besides utilizing Clash of Clans Hack – COC For Gems as the short cut ways. Gems are quite useful to support and develop your home base. Along with the increase of the building level, you will need gems to accelerate the upgrading and building process.

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