Characteristics of Cat breeds

By | August 1, 2016

Cat BreedsSome people choose cat over dog for their pet. Many reasons underlying this issues such as cats are cute animals. Most reasons are all subjective, and it is obviously acceptable. Regardless of how those people pick cat as the pet, it is essential to know that there are so many kinds of cat that people can choose. Some of them actually look like a dog because there is no visible hair. Here will be explained some common cat breeds for those who are wondering which one suits the preference.

Some Cat Breeds to Pick

The first breed which is quite common is Persian. One main characteristic that distinguishes this cat with others is large round head with short nose and small ears. Among other cat breeds, this cat obviously has its value because of its calmness. The next breed that is commonly picked is Siamese. It has short hair which is sometimes recognized as not having hair at all. What make this breed awesome are the remarkable blue eyes. Even though this cat can be considered beautiful, it is not cute at all. It is because of its slimy impression even though it is in the most ideal shape.

For those who are looking for cute breeds, it is highly recommended to check Himalayan cats. They are absolutely remarkable because of their fluffy hair. With its pointed-hair impression, it is almost similar to caterpillar except this cat has very cute face and tail. Another breed that is comparable to Himalayan is Maine Coon. What makes it so different is the size which is quite big for a domestic cat. It’s sad eyes composition, however, makes this catless interesting especially if seen from the front. Fortunately, the mixed cat breeds can help this situation by providing more unique and fun face expression.

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