The Benefit Of Having Bomb Tower In Clash Of Clans

By | November 22, 2016

clash of clans hackThere is a new defensive building in a clash of clans. It is a very good game that allows you to have a certain capability to design your village to be the most defensive village that could hold the incoming attack from the other player. There are several defensive towers that you can use to prevent your building and storage from being attacked by the enemy. Walls is the part of the defense and it has a function to slow the incoming attack of the enemy and it could be upgraded with gold and has better health to make the enemy take more time to go into the inner building of your village.

Bomb Tower In Clash Of Clans Has The Ability To Explode

Then, you can have archer and wizard tower in your village. This tower has an archer and also wizard on top of it. The power or the range is incredible. You can upgrade it until it has a great health and also damage power that will destroy the incoming troops from far away. You must place it in a strategic place of the clash of clans village because it has vulnerable health if you compare with the other types of building. It could be better if you cover it with walls around the building.

There we have tower bomb with its new ability to throw bomb near the tower. It can sweep some incoming troops which have certain bold amount of health. There, you can make the wall better to make the work of this tower to be maximum. You can use it against some melee attacker such as a skeleton or some giant. This tower also has a good ability to explode when the building is destroyed, allowing you to give some deadly damage to the nearest troops to that tower. You can have a stronger building by using clash of clans hack and its features for your game.

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