All Types of Nurses

By | June 25, 2016

types of nursesThere are about thirty types of nurses in healthcare area. They spread all over places; such as hospitals, clinics, schools, and homes. Besides, they also appear in base camp if needed. They help people around who needs help. However, they have many types. Some people will confuse to differentiate them. Here, you will know detail names of the nurses’ types. How many nurses you already know? Let us check the name of nurses’ types one by one below.

Types of Nurses with Detail Names

Are you interested in nursing career? Let choose one of the nurses here. Thirty nurses’ types are Agency Nurse, Ambulatory Care, Nurse Anesthetists, Cardiac Care Nurse, Case Management, Critical Care Nurse, Emergency Nurse, Forensic Nurse, Gastroenterology Nurse, Geriatric Nurse, Holistic Nurse, HIV/AIDS Nurse, Nurse Informatics, Legal Nursing, Midwife, Military Nurse, Neonatal Nurse, Neuroscience Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Health, Oncology Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Psychiatric Nurse, Research Nurse, Transplant Nurse, School Nursing, Trauma Nurse, Travel Nursing, Urology, and Woman’s Health. Those are all thirty types of nurses you need to know. Do you get what nurse you want to be? They are all good and caring people. Some of them work in hospital, some of them work in school, and some of them work in clinics even homes.

Some of the nurses also work from hospital to hospital. Some of them also work in base camp near battlefield. It is so interesting for you who like work outside hospital and like challenge. In hospital rooms such as emergency room, you will get challenge too. You will face patients who almost pass away with critical condition and you should save them. So, bet you more interested in nursing career, right? So, those are all the information about types of nurses and nursing career. Hope the article will be useful for you.

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